National & Local Solicitors

Whenever you apply for a mortgage, either because you are moving house or want to find a better mortgage deal, you need to appoint a conveyancer to look after your legal interests and ensure everything progresses to completion without any unnecessary hitches.

If, like most people, you don’t know a local solicitor who can undertake your conveyancing work for you, don’t panic because we are able to help. We have access to an online conveyancing referral service. This means that, at the click of a button, we can help you choose a solicitor from a panel of over 150 conveyancing solicitors located nationwide.

We will search for a solicitor on your behalf based on their geographic location, their cost or the service rating which has been awarded to them by previous users. In just a few seconds we will be able to present you with a short list to choose from and will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Whichever conveyancer you decide to appoint, you can rest assured that:

  • The fee you will be quoted will be very competitive, and probably cheaper than going direct to a solicitor.
  • Your solicitor will not charge you a legal fee if your sale or re-mortgage does not complete.
  • You can take advantage of arranging an insurance policy to protect your purchase costs (Valuation fee and searches for example) should your purchase not proceed through no fault of your own with some of the solicitors we have available.
  • All solicitors agree to rigorous service standards and we constantly monitor service quality to ensure all conveyancing work meets our high standards.
  • Your solicitor can start work for you immediately. Yes – quite literally in the next couple of minutes! There is no need to attend meetings or send them a letter of appointment.
  • Both of us can track the progress of your conveyancing work online, at any time to suit you. Your solicitor will keep the system updated with the progress of all work and you can view this case history whenever you want to, either online or by e-mail or SMS text message.

Will Writing Service

A will gives the ability to decide who benefits from your estate. This is particularly important if you are not married to your partner as the rules of intestacy will not provide for an unmarried partner. Importantly, a will also gives you the ability to make it known who you would want to look after your children in your absence, Making plans for your death should not be limited to just arranging life / mortgage protection, every year people die without a will, meaning the government’s rules of intestacy will dictate what happens to your estate. We are able to recommend suitable providers for this specialist service, and we can confirm we only work with Step (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) certified will writing providers.

This is such an important area which is often overlooked or ignored, and should be considered when reviewing your protection needs.

Will Writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.