Secured Lending / 2nd Charges & Bridging

Secured Lending/2nd Charges

Many clients spend years repaying mortgages only to find, when they need to raise funds quickly, the lender isn’t willing to lend them any further finance or they are restricted with large fees to raise the required funds. Another solution which is becoming more commonly used to raise finance quickly may be a secured loan.


Short term financing can be used for a variety of reasons including purchasing property at auction, short term cash flow problems, support and raising finance quickly against existing property to pay unexpected costs.

The property market continues to present opportunities to those who can move quickly. Bridging finance is used for a variety of reasons that need access to finance quickly, these include: fast turnaround of property refurbishment and then re-finance, purchasing closed pubs for refurbishment or conversion, finishing partially complete self- build projects, auction purchases, and debt consolidation.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.